Countdown to Commencement Week

Congrats Class of 2020!

University Commencement Updates


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Learn everything you need to know for Commencement Week.

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    Find answers to frequently asked questions and helpful tips about Commencement

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  • Campus Maps

    Navigate campus during Commencement Week with helpful maps and guides

  • Student Stories

    Read the remarkable stories from this year's Commencement student spotlight

  • School Ceremonies

    Each school honors its graduates with a separate graduation ceremony

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  • 布谷加速器突然连不上

    Watch live webcasts of Commencement Week

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    Be a part of a global network of more than 350,000+ leaders, creators, and change-makers bound together by the shared University connection.

Commencement History & Regalia

University Commencement has been a Columbia tradition since 1758, when the first ceremony was held at St. George's Chapel on Beekman Street. Learn more about the history of the ceremony and some of the traditions still observed today.